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Colour Care Do's and Dont's

So you got a new colour or you just refreshed an old one.... Now what?

Getting a good quality colour at the salon isn't cheap these days and you want to get the most out of your new look Im sure, but how do we do that you ask??

A long lasting colour starts with healthy hair. Its important to use good quality Salon products that do not contain any

nasties like sulphates - sulphates contain salt which in turn draw moisture out of your hair, moisture loss can contribute to colour fading fast! Instead ensure you are using a colour safe shampoo - we love the ORI LAB range by NAK check it out here

Make sure your hair care Regime includes a treatment as well use one at least once a week.

A good stylist will inform you of the best haircare products to make sure your hair stays in its best shape and your colour lasts as long as possible.

Wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair after your new colour this will allow the colour time to settle. Wait even longer if you have just had a fashion colour such as Reds, violets or any vibrant bright colours these colours will begin fading as soon as you first wash them.

Try using cooler water to wash your hair. Hot water will soften and open the cuticle and can let colour out, by using cooler water we can avoid this. Use a colour safe dry shampoo in between washes to avoid frequent shampooing.

Always use thermal protection with heat styling. Any heat tool will pull out colour and help it to fade quicker. Make sure your hair is fully dry before using any heat tools as well this will only cook your hair from the inside out.

Use leave in conditioners that contain UV protectors and anti-humectants -

QLD can have some horrible humid summers and we must protect our hair from these and the sun.

Avoid chlorine and salt water for the same reason as sulphates these will only cause more drying of the hair and pull colour. If you ever want to fade a bright colour jump in the pool but be prepared for your hair to be dry after!!! One tip that we love is if you must go swimming and its unavoidable that your hair will get wet plaster on some leave in serum first - this will help to seal your hairs cuticle and protect it from the water and as soon as your out rinse it immediately and shampoo asap!

Avoid colouring your hair too much - we recommend once every 5-6 weeks and dont colour over the ends unless they have faded. Continuous build up of colour can cause damage and also appear darker.

Deep cleanse your hair with a clarifying shampoo before your next salon colour or get your stylist to give it a deep cleanse - we offer a malibu cleanse in salon before your chemical service to prep the hair and remove any build up from environmental factors, water minerals and excess products.

Ensure you have regular haircuts to keep your hair healthy and remove any split ends. If your colouring your hair regularly we recommend every visit.

If your ever unsure about any thing colour or hair related always ask your stylist for answers we are always happy to help.

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