Please note all our service prices are a guide only*. Our stylists will give you a quote before commencing your service. Not all stylists are the same price. Their prices are determined by their experience and training. Our cancellation policy can be found at the bottom of this page 



We only use premium quality russian hair from our supplier Jadore hair extensions.


New extension prices include the Jadore extensions, cut to blend to your natural hair, and aftercare advice. 

We can also move up any extensions you already have if they are tape, i-tips, sewn in or beaded wefts however we take no responsibility for the quality of hair extensions not purchased at Cactus Hair.  


100gms normal tape                          $590

100gms Invisible tape                        $690

100gms Weft                                          $550

Tape move up                                        $180

Weft move up                                         $150

Removal Includes wash & blow dry             $75

100gms = 1 full head

All extensions require a consultation with our stylists before booking. A $100 deposit is required upon booking. Any extra hair or colouring is quoted at the consultation. 


Boys cuts (0-12):                                                         $20

child cut 

Mens basic cut:                                                          $30

scissors all over, trim,  short back and sides

Mens style cut:                                                            $35

Short hair restyle, razor cut, fades

Face shave:                                                                 $45

Quick beard trim/line up:                                       $10

Add onto any haircut  Beard trim with clippers


Styling 30mins                                                              $40

Includes wash and blowdry or iron/curl finish 

Styling 45mins                                                              $50

Includes wash and blowdry or iron/curl finish 

Styling 60mins                                                              $60

Includes wash and blowdry or iron/curl finish 

Braids on clean washed hair                                 $20

See styling prices for a wash 

Upstyle Express (30 mins)                                       $60

Please come with your hair washed and dry

Upstyle (1 hour)                                                            $95

Please come with your hair washed and dry 

An extra charge will occur if hair is dirty and

needs washing.

We also provide in salon and on location special event hair and makeup services 

Foils & Balayage  

Part Line Foils/face framing                                   $50

Extra colour, back to back foils will incur an extra charge

1/4 Head foils / T Section *                                      $70

Extra colour, back to back foils will incur an extra charge

1/2 Head Foils *                                                            $90

Extra colour, back to back foils will incur and extra cost

Full Head Foils *                                                         $150

Extra colour, back to back foils will incur and extra cost

Streaks *                                                                          $70

We only streak short hair 

Free hand balayage                                                $105

Price depends on product used

Basin balayage/ bleach wash                              $60


Perm                                                                From      $90

Spiral perm                                                   From    $300

Chemical straightening                          From    $250

Keratin Smoothing                                    From    $270

All chemical services require an in salon consultation before booking and are subject to a $100 booking fee


Haircut (45mins)                                                      $60-$77

Your style rocks, you just need a freshen up

includes wash and blow dry or iron finish 

Restyle (1hour)                                                          $70-92

It’s been a while since your last cut or

you need a complete change

includes wash & blow dry or iron finish 

Express Cut (30mins)                                             $40-55

You really just need a quick tidy up 

includes a wash 

Fringe Trim                                                                 $17

Girls cut (0-6)                                                             $25

Basic trim no wash

Girls Straight Cut with Braids (6-13)                $45


Girls Haircut & Straighten (6-13)                       $50




Regrowth 4-6 weeks                                              $70


Bleach regrowth                                                      $80

30gms lightener

Colour short                                                               $80


Global Colour Medium                                          $95


Global Colour Long *                                           $105


Extra long colour                                                   $120


Extra colour 10g                                                      $10

Toners                                                                         $40

From 20g colour 



Basin treatment                                                       $17

This treatment is an add onto any service and includes a hot towel and massage

Deluxe treatment                                                    $40

The deluxe treatment is a massage at the chair then 10mins under the heat for your masque to soak in

Anti - stress treatment                                          $60

The bond building anti stress treatment helps to rebuild you bonds after excessive damage with heat or chemical service 

Colour masque treatment                                   $27

add a gloss of colour to your hair with one of our NAK colour masques includes massage and hot towel

Scalp treatment                                                      $40

Our NAK oil is massaged and brushed into your scalp to lift any dead skin cells. Followed by a minty fresh shampoo, condition, massage and hot towel. perfect for any itchy flakey dry scalp.

Keratin Express                                       from  $100

Remove frizz from hair and make styling at home more manageable. 

Cactus Cancellation & Booking Policy

Due to a number of unattended appointments and late cancellations we have had to enforce a booking and cancellation policy.

When someone doesn’t show up to an appointment we call this a no-show. No shows are very disappointing for both the stylist, salon and other clients who could have had that appointment. The salon also takes a loss when this occurs, as a small business we can no longer afford to let these slide. We do understand things happen and may use our discretion to waive the policy where we find necessary. We thank you so much for your continued support of our business and understanding of our policies 

  • All New clients will be required to leave a booking fee – This is not an extra charge and is simply held on account for you and taken off your final bill. The only way you will lose this fee is if you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, don’t show up for your appointment or are more than 20 minutes late for your scheduled appointment



  • All no show and late cancellation clients will be required to pay a booking fee for all future bookings, and repeat offenders may be refused a future booking. Any discounts or promotions will be forfeited if less than 24 hours notice is given to reschedule your appointment.

  • All clients will be sent an Email 7 days before your appointment, a text confirmation 2 days before & a phone call the day before. Failure to confirm your appointment within 24 hours could result in the appointment being cancelled.

  • All above prices are subject to variation without notice, we will always provide a quote before commencing any services. Please visit the salon for a complimentary consultation where we can provide you with our professional advice and an accurate service quote.

  • Any problems with your service must be reported within 1 week of the original service by phone or in person. Cactus hair reserves the right to fix your service within the week.


We are a Sustainable Salon

 Each time you visit our Sustainable Salon your service bill will include a small Green Cost of just $2.00 that will support the salon to keep its commitment to sustainability without compromising the quality service we offer you. We do not profit in any way from this cost. For more information please visit or ask the team at your next visit. Look good, feel good and now also do good!