Hair Extension Care Guide

Maintenance & Product Use

Although extensions carry many benefits and can ultimately make us feel beautiful, having hair extensions comes with a responsibility. To care properly for your own hair and the extensions, we have complied a list of do's and dont's for your benefit. Here at Cactus Hair, we take pride in the services we offer, therefore we only provide and supply the best extensions in the game; Jadore Hair Extensions. We also fully stock the Jadore Hair Extension Care range in store with 9 products to help keep your extensions in the best health.

Do's and Don'ts

Do not use any products containing sodium laureate sulphate, sodium laurel sulphate or those with a high alcohol content. These ingredients will cause extreme damage to your hair extension bonds.

Do not use any products that contain gin hydrolysed, wheat protein, biotin or keratin. These ingredients will cause hair extensions to turn extremely dry, knotty and unmanageable.

Following tape extension application, do not wash or wet hair for 48-72 hours.

Apply shampoo to the roots of your hair and conditioner to the mid lengths to ends.

Applying regular treatments is necessary to keep hair extensions in top condition.

Use J'adore specialised hair care range for best results.

Important: Refer to the J'adore website for product warranty terms and prices.


If colouring your extensions is required, a professional should perform this only. Bleach, lightening products or high level peroxides should never be used on your J'adore Hair Extensions, only a semi permanent colour to achieve a darker or similar shade.


Avoid swimming in chlorine.

If swimming in chlorine or salt water occurs, ensure the extensions are rinsed immediately. The extensions should then be washed with J'adore shampoo and finished with J'adore hydrating mask as soon as possible afterwards.

If swimming, wear hair in a loose plait and do not wet hair if in a bun or top knot.


Avoid wearing tight or high ponytails in the first week following application.

Use J'adore heat protect spray when styling with heat tools.

Brush hair daily with J'adore no-pull bristle brush.

For more information visit the salon to chat to one of our stylist.

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